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Get to know Todd Ingier, Founder & President of Grady Group Texas

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Todd Ingier

Todd Ingier is a licensed insurance professional based out of Central Texas. He grew up working at the family restaurant in the Midwest, which taught him the value of hard work and the importance of valuing your customers; “The customer is always right!” Todd eventually left the hospitality industry in order to join corporate America as a Sales Director for an international internet service provider in Chicago. He found great success in this position, but the lack of connection with people ultimately left him unfulfilled. He made the choice to join the Grady Group family in 2018, alongside his older brother Henry and his cousins, Brian and Brendan Grady, Katie Grafrath, and Mark Sortman.

“Hope” is not a retirement strategy–you have to plan meticulously for the future in order to see success. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. Todd has a simple, to-the-point approach, which, combined with his award-winning customer service expertise, helps clients better strategize to reach their retirement goals.

Todd lives with his wife Edyta, and has three adult children: Emilia, who lives in Dubai, Eryk, who works in the insurance industry in Chicago, and Taylor, who lives in Austin and works with us here at Grady Group. In his free time, Todd enjoys traveling, listening to the live music in Austin, hiking, or spending time with his grandkids (Everson and Sheridan).

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