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Best Places to Retire in 2024

We read an article recently examining more than 800 locations in America, comparing everything from housing costs to taxes to health care, air quality, and natural hazard risk. What they found were some of the best places to retire in 2024.  The town of Las Cruces, for example, a town of 116,000 people, has a

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How Would You Answer the Question? 

Nobel laureate, the late Daniel Kahneman, proposed a question; “How does the experience of a loss compare with the experience of a gain?” There were four possible answers to choose from:  Which answer would you choose? Kahneman’s research study concluded that losses are twice as painful as gains are pleasurable:  “This phenomenon—known as loss aversion—suggests

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Financial Stability

A big part of planning for your retirement future is accounting for the “what-ifs.” No matter how careful anyone is, unexpected changes can occur: accidents, illness, and deaths.  That’s where insurance comes in. Life insurance and the features it offers are definitely worth considering, and not only to provide for your loved ones after you’re

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Fine-Tuning Your Retirement

It’s been a while since the Secure Act of 2022 came about, but it’s time to refocus on its impact in 2024. Did you know that, beginning in 2024, Roth 401(k)s are no longer subject to RMDs? This means that Roth savers, whether in a 401(k) or an IRA, can keep their contributions invested their

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Financial Conflict Between Couples 

Strategists who work with couples have found there to be a few conflicts that are most common between them. Different priorities: financial management done predominately by one partner, helping adult children, and disagreements over an inheritance. Each seems to resonate in different ways as we all know how common it is to have one partner

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What Happens? 

We’ve been asked a few questions regarding what happens to those portions of your estate that aren’t treated consistently with what you say in your will.  Many people assume wills and trusts are the pillars of a perfect estate plan. However, asset titling–the way you own an asset–is just as critical. Conflict instructions can create

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